About thatleoguy

My name is Leo and I'm a Professional Body Piercer and Bod mod artist in central Florida area since 1996. Doing things in the realm of Body Piercing , Microdermal Piercings , Scarification, Different techniques of branding and more recently Tongue splitting , implants and magnetic implants and getting into some Tattooing . I work out of a Tattoo studio called Dungeon Tattoos which is the oldest Tattoo studio in the University of Central Florida area and the most original tattoo studio in Orlando focusing on safety, original Tattoos, and costumer service . Please take a look around check out pictures of my work and other random and not so random stuff and feel free to contact me for your next Piercing or body mod . And professionals feel free to contact to network or share info. I do however live in a very conservative state with very strict laws and a city where other professionals think egos are more important than knowledge and or customer service , I find my self traveling often in order to further my education focusing on things like sterilization, human anatomy ,aseptic technique and building communication and friendships with the best in my field to gain the knowledge and experience that is so required to preform 100% in the art that we love and not necessarily accepted by everyone. I travel so that I can preform the art of body modification. So if you want to travel or you want to see if I'll be in your area anytime soon feel free to email.

Next stop. New York City!

The 2015 Suspension Symposium, Skin NYC, will take place April 23-26 in New York City, USA. Skin NYC is the second installment of the Suspension Symposium series first hosted by Wings of Desire (WoD) in Oslo, Norway. The Suspension Symposium sets itself apart from typical Body Suspension conventions (Suscons) in that it emphasizes practitioner education, dissemination of best practices for individuals and teams, and the presentation of Body Suspension to the public in a striking, artistic light. NYC’s history and prominence of its supportive arts community make it an excellent place to present this new work.