End of the year Report

After a somewhat busy year the water has now calmed . It’s my time of the year to take a break before I have to regroup and start next years travels. I am looking forward to finishing some current projects and start on some new ones and utilizing some of the new techniques and knowledge that I acquired this year . I would also like to thank Steve Haworth and Samppa Von Cyborg for and all the folks from the APP that have given me invaluable knowledge this year.

You can expect to find me full time in my shop @ Dungeon Tattoos and Body Piercing , however I am open to do guest spots and or travel for special projects and such , I wouldn’t mind going somewhere with snow this winter, so if someone wants implant or tongue split, maybe I can come see you in a colder part of the country.

Stay tuned as this is the best place to get info on my body modification

Thanks Happy Holidays Everyone


p.S Make sure to like my shops facebook page@ www.Dungeontattoos.com

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